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Unmanned and Loving it

The new frontier of retail stores

It is a brave new world out there, and Suning is facing it head-on with its unmanned store called Biu.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now, Alibaba created Hema a chain of supermarkets which allows shoppers to scan barcodes for more product information and check out by themselves at the counter with their phones. BingBox took the next step forward in innovation when they opened unmanned convenient stores around China for people on the go who just don't want to speak to anyone.

Now Suning's Biu is following in their foot steps of applying innovation to stores for the more tech-savvy Chinese consumer. To enter the shop customers have to scan their face, yes facial recognition. I can't tell you how many movies I've watched and said to myself that's so cool. Now it is here, Apple's new waste of money, I mean iPhone X has this option and it scared many not so faithful lovers everywhere into thinking of new ways of securing sensitive information but the best thing in all that craziness was the awesome meme that were created for a good laugh.

This was not as funny but it was still cool. Before entering you have to scan and register your face and banking information with the Suning Finance app. The process was simple and they provided WIFI to make it easier to download.

The unmanned store is fitted with cameras and tv to pick up on people inside. Items ranged from neck pillows, sportswear and the brand's mascot. It was not that large in terms of space, around 100 square meet.

Tip: It is located near Wujiaochang metro.

Big Data Stores

Well, data is the most sort-after item in this ear of information. Most companies have figured this out that it is really important. Brands that are continually trying to sell you different items. Now they can have a clear picture of what you like. Which enables them to skip the random pitches of things you may not need and offer something more targeted?

The question you have to ask yourself as a consumer is, what are you willing to give up? That is what it boils down to for us. Do you want to experience all the wonders, bells and whistles that technology has to offer or stay rooted in the old ways of doing business?

I'm sure this is just the beginning, Big Data and brands are coming together to create stores that can be frictionless and provide a new more intimate experience for customers. Maybe the next step will be to chip us and we just wave our hands to do everything.

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