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The Power of Made In Store

How Shopping Malls rely on Innovation to boost Consumer Engagement

Have you visited Joy City? The northern half of this shopping mall opened last year in Jing'An District at the crossroad of Qufu Road, and Xizang North Road. They are experimenting with new ways to engage consumers.

Make it yourself

A complete floor of the mall dedicated to shops where customers are not buying products from the shelves but making it themselves. There is a broad range of concepts available, from crafting personalized leather accessories to creating your apartment decorations or wooden furniture, even making personalized jewelry. When feeling hungry, visitors may bake cookies and enjoy them onsite or at home.

In these stores, price tags are not based on products, but rather on the size of the object the customer is about to create, and the time they are willing to invest in it. Similarly, there are no shop assistants but instructors that will present the base patterns where they can build upon and assist in the crafting to ensure that everyone gets home with a retail quality item.

Price ranges are similar to the ones you would find in traditional crafted goods stores, but these concepts are taking storytelling to the next level, allowing the consumer to participate directly in it. It is also an excellent way to provide quality interactions within the store as staff share the how too in making of the goods.

Crafting Leather Goods
Price List per Creation

Feel at home in the Store

When it is not possible to offer self-crafting, a lot of Joy City stores provide a feel at home store experience by delivering judiciously designed atmospheres and very often, coffee shops within the shop. This is a trend that originated in bookstores but can be found in a variety of fashion, toys or decoration stores within the mall, allowing consumers to spend more time inside the stores, and become engaged with the universe of a particular brand. Similarly, Joy City is paying attention to communities, making sure that ongoing exhibitions are celebrating upcoming movies, manga or even video games, (the mall features an e-sports café) which help to ensure that the location is always full of people from the young generations.

Bake your own cookie

The Results

Offering engaging experience to visitors result in an energetic shopping environment where not only Flagship Brands such as Uniqlo and H&M or restaurants that gets traffic, but also where less well-known names with innovative concepts are never empty, even during weekdays. The Mall adds up reasons for visitors to come back by featuring a shop of the high tech gadget lovers brands: Xiaomi and a "Big Wheel" on the rooftop that visitors can book through their smartphones.

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