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Utilizing tech in pop-up store and consumer experience

 A different look

The retail world is always filled with glints, glamour and various activations to captivate consumers while encouraging them to be part of the experience. One of the most notable tools is the pop-up store, its versatility facilitates a unique type of experience allowing brands to engage with shopper on a deeper level, test O2O strategies, create buzz, building awareness, target new consumers and launch new promotions.

Pop-up store

Changing the experience

The massive upheaval of the standard brick and mortar retail store has created a vacuum that can be filled by pop-up stores, it will not replace this type of retail store but provide an avenue for exploration and innovation with technology. In China, the introduction of mobile payment from Tencent and Alibaba Group has given brands an easier way to provide a real shopping experience anywhere and everywhere. BingoBox has put out a pop-up mini mart similar to 7-11 that utilizes self-checkout system that allows consumers to shop for quick bites without someone pushing other items they don’t need or want, which is awesome when you live in a society that is built on bombarding the shopper on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis, it's like a breath of fresh air.

What it really boils down to is the experience, this was a key reason why standard stores saw a decline, it didn’t create a memorable, photogenic or exclusive experience to keep their shoppers and build a diehard client base. Brands that are getting it right are Nike+ Run Club, they created an installation(pop-up) gym with all the bells and whistles from a great design to LED lights attracting passersby. Turning a regular experience into a dynamic one, with wow visual enticing people to be apart of something different while cementing the Nike brand as a frontrunner in providing something unique.

The Future not far away

It’s not just for mega brands like Amazon, but smaller companies have started to take things to the next level with by not only offering a self-checkout store but self-driving. The opportunity is there for brands to grasp this with firm hands and take advantage of customers need for something new. The days when companies could separate online from offline have passed, now companies have to intertwine the 2 and make something that captures the imagination in a friction less manner to keep up with shopper’s evolution.

Pop-ups are a great way for brands to re energized old passive consumers while building a base for new ones with new ways to interact O2O and trying out new technology.

Shops of the Future

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