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How to Retain Customers

The best way to incentivise and keep them coming back.

One thing that I have always heard as a primary concern is how can I(brands) keep my customers coming back. This has become increasingly harder in the current digital climate where there is always, literally always something new soliciting for shopper’s attention. The pure and simple fact is that shopper experience is pivotal to customers. How many times have you gone into a store, eatery, mall, etc. and the moment some part of the overall experience was hampered by service or lack thereof you have already started building a mental block to every returning to that venue.

Taking a fresh approach

I think by now we all have the general understanding that businesses make the most of their revenue from repeat customers, while new shoppers/clients add to the overall profit of the brand, it is the repeat customer that keeps the business alive. Today it is harder to hold on to any consumers if you do not offer customisation, personalisation or something unique.

Technology has given brands the upper hand in how they can interact with customers; this does not mean because you have a website, app or a social platform all problems are now miraculously solved, and shoppers will come running back, new tools provide different ways to engage with them.

You have to Nurture

Most accomplishments in life usually boil down to how much you invest in it. Here are a few ways brands can cultivate shopper to keep them coming back.

Engagement by Employee

They are your front line and the face of the brand, their impact on the consumers, is beyond vital in the retail or service industries. Excellent service and knowledge go a long way. When shoppers interact with brands they want to feel special and enjoy what the brand has to offer. I have eaten at many horrible places and went back to see if it was just that dish was not good because the staff made me feel welcome,  but what doesn’t fly is bad service from, after all, I am spending my money there.

Connect on Social Media

To have an online footprint no longer an if but a must, brands with a social media presence can create a powerful psychological trigger, shoppers see their favourite brand encourage their buying decision.

In an article by Richard Lazazzer, he stated” Facebook only shows your posts to 5%-10% of your total fans. This means you should be posting often enough so that you are regularly reaching all of your fans and customers”. Even though that is a splendid idea, remember the content must be relevant, posting for posting sake is futile unless it is reaching the intended audience and having the desired impact.

Personalized Discounts (Loyalty Program)

Speaking as a consumer sometimes I pass on some loyalty programs for some reasons like I do not find the brand exciting, won’t be coming back to that store ever, ever and my all time best reason is I do not want you to text me, email or send a reminder. So I am assuming in don’t fall in the standard bracket of shoppers.

A study was done by Taleach “In addition to a more advanced technology experience in stores, consumers are also seeking a more personalised and rewarding experience. The top thing that consumers want retailers to adopt is loyalty programs, with most customers wanting stores to have a customer loyalty program that will offer them incentives to come back to the business”.

A loyalty program is an essential way to reward shoppers and have them coming back, you see it with airline companies offering mile to frequent fliers to keep their customers.

Sum of all parts

There are a myriad of things that brands can implement to retain consumers, however they must remember that this current market is grade towards an OMNI experience the O2O2O. Creating that friction-less transition form O2O is the linchpin that holds it all together and will determine if shoppers will come back.

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