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Chatbot and its impact on Retail

What is Chatbot?

This is one of the newest editions to extensive arsenal marketer's possess, but what exactly is it? By definition, chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. The A.I simulates how we as humans would have a conversation between ourselves with a nearly instantaneous response. The technology is reshaping how we shoppers interact on the internet.

How does it work?

It takes a natural-language processing and combines text and speech into structured data that may be used to select the proper response. NLP(Neuro-linguistic programming) cover a few areas like, Tokenizatio and Named entity recognition just to give some context to what the A.I does to try and understand the conservation.

How will Chatbot Improve Retail Brands?

Brands can utilize the chatbot to create a journey for their consumers to guide decisions and answer common questions. It can answer questions directly and instantly without lengthy reading and limit friction. With this, they can funnel customers to specific recommendation or address technical questions along the way. This tool is a way to connect on a deeper level with shoppers, however, it’s important not to see this as a replacement of shop assistants depending on your business module.

This is where it is going because this era of now shoppers have no time to wait, I read in another article that the average attention span dropped from 12 to 7 second, therefore a faster response to any query leads to higher conversion of sales.

The technology is able to handle the flow of information from millions of requests at the same time and build meaningful responses. It provide product recommendations and use their experience to improve the conversations. Сhatbots can improve the entire retail service experience as well by capturing feedback and product reviews from the users.

Deep learning technology plays a pivotal role as it helps to identify unknown things such as product names and pictures. They help clients search the appropriate products and provide comparisons between different items.

Areas where Chatbot can Improve

There are a few ways to utilize a chatbot effectively and efficiently from product and service,payment, personal marketing,increase engagement and qualified leads. Applying it in these areas has the potential to improve the way your consumers experience and interact with the brand.

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