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4 steps to revamp your retail experience

How retailers can rebuild consumers shopping experience

Building a successful brand

When coming to China, a retailer has the enormous task of leveraging the tangible and intangible characteristics of its brand. Tangibles include the product itself, packaging, price, etc. The intangibles will consist of an emotional connection that the consumer will have with the brand, thus creating a memorable experience with the product. In China, the latter has become a key component in luring consumers back into store.

The problem they face

The most prominent issues they face is making their brand to stand out and generate more sales. They feel that new technologies can help them attract attention, but there are so many options that they don't know where to start looking. How can anybody expect a retail company to follow, analyse, understand, compare and choose the right technology for themselves amongst the variety of solutions?

How can we help

This is where we come in. Shops of the future have a long history of fine-tuning technologies to fit business needs. We worked with retailers and successfully helped the business grow their strategy on a continuous basis.

In these contemporary times and especially in China, every brand has to acknowledge that shopping decisions belong only to their customers and that the brands that grant the power of choice to their consumers will be the successful ones.


To achieve that, retailers will have to follow the shops of the Future methodology in 4 steps:

Assess the current points of their customer journey that will generate friction for the consumer.

Invent scenarios that address these pain points.

○ Efficiently Select the most valuable and easy to implement scenario.

Plan a fast and lightweight pilot, with measurable results.

Following these steps will enable brands to avoid the trap of spending all your budget on uncontrolled innovation that doesn't bring measurable benefits to the customers and eventually the brand. Following the technology arms race, implementing the new flavor of the month marketing technique, being on every social media platform, is not part of the key driver of a brand's success.

On the other hand, making effective pilots, which allow learning even when the results are not the expected ones will give them the confidence that tools can be mastered to gain consumers interest and open the path to sustainable growth.

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